1、First, ensure your laptop can run Windows normally and prepare a USB flash drive larger than 8G;
Connect the USB flash drive to the computer. Then open the following URL on the browser:
Select the “Download tool now“.
2、After downloading, you will get a file named  “MediaCreationTool1909.exe“, and then open it.
3、Accept the Privacy statement.
4、Select “Create installation media(USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file)for another PC“, and then click the “Next”
5、Choose the appropriate language and system version, and then click “Next
6、Choose the “USB flash drive“, and then click “Next
7、If you can’t find a USB flash disk, click “Refresh drive list
8、When your USB flash disk was recognized , click “Next
9、Now the system starts download and make a startup disk, click “Finish“.
10、Connect the USB flash drive to the laptop where the system needs to be installed.
Press the power button once, then quickly press the shortcut key to start the boot manager.
(Refer to the below table for the shortcut keys of different machines.)
11、Select the “EFI USB Device”,and click “Enter
12、Enter the Windows 10 installation interface, select your language, and click “Next
13、Select  “Install now
14、Select  “I don’t have a product key
15、Select “Window 10 Home” , then click “Next
16、Select “I accept the license terms” , then click “Next
17、Select “Custom :Install Windows only(advanced)
18、Select “Drive 0 Unallocated Space”, then click “Next
19、Now the window10 is starting installing, wait until the installation is complete to 100%.
20、End of installation