How to install Windows 10 on your computer? Let Maibenben help you. This method can also be used while your computer has no system or the system is damaged.


First, ensure your laptop can run Windows normally and prepare a USB disk larger than 8G.

Second, find a computer that can make USB flash drives, open the following two URLs to download the required program and file.




Operate your USB on that computer like the first video:

Step1 Open “balenaEtcher-Portable-1.5.52 program”

Step2 Click “Select imag”

Step3 Select “SW DVD9 Win 10 2004 64BIT English HomeProSLSN OEM”

Step4 Select the USB disk to be made

Step4 Click “Flash” to make USB disk document, and wait

Then use the USB flash drive to install Windows 10 on your computer like the second video: 

Step1 Insert the USB flash drive into the computer

Step2 Start the laptop and press “F2” or “ESC” to enter the BIOS interface

Step3 Select “Boot”, and choose the USB drive as the first boot item

Step4 Boot up and this screen appears. Click “Next”

Step5 Click “Install now”

Step6 Click “I don’t have a product key”

Step7 Select “Window 10 Home”. Click “Next”

Step8 Select “I accept the license terms”. Click “Next”

Step9 Select “Upgrade:Install Windows only(advanced)”

Step10 Select “Drive 0 Unallocated Space”. Click “Next”

Finally, wait for the Win10 installation to complete.

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