In recent years, more and more products with “Made in China” have occurred in our lives not only in Russia, but also all over  the world. Your backpack, the T-shirt you wear, Huawei and Xiaomi phones you and your friends are using,all of them seem to be natural to be seen in our daily life.

Today, when we talk about digital products such as computers, we are not only talking about traditional brands such as Apple, Asus, and Dell (but they are actually made in China). Now the situation has changed. We talk about Chinese brands more frequently.

This change also shows that the quality of Chinese products is just like China’s influence in the world. They have been recognized by the world, and they are slowly affecting your life. If you can get a product with better performance while paying less money, why don’t you choose it?

The laptop I will evaluate after unpacking is one such representative: Maibook X546. You may wonder why it is not Lenovo, Huawei or Xiaomi. In fact, after comparing the configuration and price on AliExpress, I found that it is what I want. Of course, will I be disappointed when I get it? Now, follow me to experience this super cost-effective gaming laptop for beginners from China.

The unpacking model is Maibook X546, equipped with AMD Ryzen 5 (6 cores and 12 threads) processor, 1080p screen, GTX1650 graphics card, 8GB memory, and 512GB solid state disk. Let’s take a look at this special laptop.

Outer Package of Parcel

Formal commodity packaging

Unpacking Experience
Focus on both office and gaming

If you don’t look carefully, you will think this is a large thinkpad at first glance. But in fact, they just coincidentally adopted a concise and angular appearance design. Yes, it has a high sense of business. The frosted side A is very pleasing and feels great. What’s more important is that this treatment will prevent side A from becoming a fingerprint collector after daily use. It is very easy to take care of after daily use.

Due to the business-style appearance, you might think that this is an office computer, but the 15.6-inch screen, with R5 4600H CPU and GTX1650 GPU tells you that it is obviously not just for the office staff. So I said that it is positioned for both office and gaming.

The laptop status indicator light is easy to overlook on side A. The designer is very creative and put it on the side C, so that whether you close the laptop or not, it is very easy to know whether your laptop is charging.

The side B is a 15.6-inch matte screen. I specifically checked it and knew that it used a 1920*1080 NTSC 72% color gamut display component from China’s BOE. This configuration has no problem for mainstream games. After all, the graphics card is configured. It is meaningless to have higher resolutions and refresh rates. 

It is believed that an upgraded version of higher configuration will be launched by the official organization on the market later. But that has nothing to do with our topic today. This is not to say that this screen has no highlights. For example: The 5.5mm ultra-narrow frame is eye-catching.

5.5mm Ultra-narrow Frame

The screen frame is significantly smaller than the 2019 macbook pro 13.3

Front of Side C

Details of Side C

The wrist rest of the side C is the same as the side A. In the summer, you will know how thoughtful this frosted surface is. I like the keyboard very much. It is a full-size chocolate keyboard with colorful backlight. Of course, RGB lighting effect is also essential. The lighting effect of this keyboard can be adjusted in the control software attached to the system.

The numeric keypad area is completely reserved, making it easier to play games and work. The buttons are not flat, but there is a key curve of about 0.25mm, which fits the fingers better, and feels good. The key travel is moderate and the rebound is also very powerful. The keyboard feels clearer than ordinary laptops. It will be more rhythmic when playing games.

In addition, beside the power button, there is an EZ GAMING button. You can switch between work mode and game mode very quickly.

Through the heat dissipation net, you can clearly see two large fans and a heat dissipation copper tube in the middle. Nearly half of the heat dissipation holes make it almost impossible to feel the heat during daily work office or entertainment. After I played a round of NFS, it was just warm. And the software in the system allows you to set the fan speed in different usage scenarios, which is very practical.

IO interface configurations on the left, rear, and right sides

All the interfaces for basic cable connection are arranged in the rear of the laptop. The most commonly used USB3.0 is also arranged on the right. People who use more external devices can have a deep understanding, which greatly improves the messy condition of the desktop.

Performance Evaluation
The Art of Balance

As I said earlier, the maibook x546 is not very attractive in the configuration in current market. It is just seeking a balance between office and entertainment-better office experience, longer standby time, and allowing you to play games satisfactorily. So, today I still have to take a look at how this laptop performs. It is necessary to explain that all the following test items are performed when the power is turned on and the computer is set to “gaming” mode.

Here we will use some tools used by professional studios.

PC MARK10 will simulate all the scenarios when we use the computer, such as video calls, browsing the web, editing text, video rendering, and games, and marks a comprehensive score.

Geekbench is a professional software for evaluating the performance of graphics cards. It uses mainstream platforms such as andriod, iOS, windows, Mac, and Linux. More and more manufacturers will use the score to promote their products when new products are released.

Cinebench R15 uses the Cinema 4D special effect software engine developed for the film and television industry to test the performance of the CPU and graphics card.

The test includes two items, respectively, for the performance indicators of the processor and the graphics card.

Well, here I first use CPU-Z to see if some of the core configurations of this Maibook X546 are reduced. The following are in order: CPU, memory, core graphics card, and onboard graphics card.

It can be clearly seen from the above that the manufacturer has not reduce the configurations from aspects we cannot see.

Let’s take a look at PCmark.

With an overall score of 5,205, it is like a hard-working child who gets the desired score. I specially note that the sub-item of video editing has a low score, which is mainly related to the CPU. But I don’t think any full-time video editor would choose this laptop. So if this sub-item is deducted, this laptop is still very good.

Let’s use Geekbench to have a look at the performance of maibook X546. In fact, there is also a test of CPU in Geekbench. Here I only tested the single-core and multi-core scores. You can compare them on your own.

Cpu single-core and multi-core scores

When I saw this score, I had no idea in my mind, so I went to the geekbench website and found a high ladder table to compare.

I found that this score basically represents the basic strength of this graphics card. If your manufacturer does not reduce heat dissipation, power supply, etc., you should get this score.

In the current mainstream games, the CPU is not required to reach the extreme performance. In the CINEBENCH R15 full-core test, the maibook X546 can get 1068cb, which is about 20% better than many gaming laptops that also use the i7-8750H processor but have poor heat dissipation. Now, Intel has completely handed over power management to laptop manufacturers, and the high-load performance of specific gaming laptops depends entirely on the hard power of the product’s cooling mold.

We used different tools to evaluate the CPU, GPU and other issues that everyone is concerned about. But how does the maibook X546 perform in the actual game? I tested and downloaded NFS20 and a Chinese style game I like, Justice Online. You can see how it performs.

Considering the actual hardware situation, I set the resolution to 1920*1080, and other special effects are fully enabled. The actual game can also provide an average of 60-80 frames with a higher frame rate under higher picture quality, and there is no blocking in some intense action pictures.

It is difficult for many game laptops for beginners to get a smooth experience while enjoying more refined game pictures. In addition, if you just want to “enjoy the story”, you can further reduce the picture quality of some games and further enhance the game experience.

The frame rate change chart of Maibook X546 NFS20 under 1920*1080 with special effects fully enabled

The following is the Justice online I tested. This is a game engine for physics (dynamics) effect simulation. It is designed for video games and focuses on the simulation of the real world in the game. In short, this engine has been there for many years. From the past to the present, many games, including some masterpieces, have used the Havok engine, such as the familiar StarCraft, CS, and later the Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil and so on. Generally speaking, this engine is good.

According to the official recommendation, maibook X546 just meets the highest picture quality of this game. This game uses RTX technology, but unfortunately this GTX1650 does not support it. So there is no way to show it to everyone.

Because it is the highest picture quality, the reproduction of some details in the game is fully displayed. When you walk through the dense grass, the grass leaves will be separated as you progress, and will be on fire under your attack…Those misty rain and pavilions full of Chinese style, rivers and lakes perfectly match with this game laptop, which is intoxicated.

The entire game can basically run smoothly at 60fps, except for copies with many players or network fluctuations. It can be said that it is well suitable for me. Those who like Chinese style can also try it.

The frame rate change chart of Justice online of Maibook X546 under 1920*1080 with special effects fully enabled


Simple design and good screen quality.

Excellent heat dissipation, and workmanship as good as the top brands!

The keyboard layout is reasonable and it feels good.

The overall coordination is reasonable, and both office work and gaming are considered.

With bucket configuration, R5 4600CPU+GTX1650+15.6 full HD screen +104 keyboard, it can be used as a productivity tool, for entertainment, and can let you enjoy games. I think if you need a second laptop at home, you need to work most of the time and don’t pursue the ultimate game graphics, then Maibook X546 is the best choice. Constant pursuing of performance is meaningless to the ordinary people, and the suitable one is the best one.